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Since 1995, AWP has focused on compression springs and spring rings – they are all we do. For 25 years, we have been continually refining our process to efficiently and consistently support our customers' needs and desires. We have developed strategic relationships with leading organizations in the hydraulic/fluid power industry because we understand the stringent demands and tight tolerances required in this market.


We get it  – customers care about results, and that is what AWP provides. Exceptional customer service, flexible scheduling, and a rock-solid proven quality system provide defect-free parts. That's not just a marketing slogan, it's who we are, and we'd be delighted to show you. Just contact us to request more information or schedule a visit.

AWP Springs

Spring Shapes & Sizes

AWP produces high quality ground/unground compression springs in a multitude of essential shape designs, such as: helical, conical, barrel, hourglass and more.

  • Coiling: unlimited wire feed of spring indexes from 3 to 20+
  • Preset: 1 or more times
  • Grind Length: .200." to 6" length
  • Squareness: ±1° or greater
  • Ground Free Length: +/- .002 or greater
  • Spring Forces: up to 500lbs

Spring rings are produced to specified diameter and gap with standard cut ends.

Spring Materials

AWP coils .008" to .200" diameter round wire purchased to the latest appropriate ASTM specifications. Materials used include:

  • Music Wire (A228)
  • Galvanized Music Wire (A228)
  • 17- 7 Stainless Steel Wire (A313)
  • T316 Stainless Steel Wire (A313)
  • Phospher Bronze Wire (8159)
  • Beryllium Copper Wire (8197)
  • Commercial Chrome Vanadium Wire (A231)
  • Hard Drawn Wire (A227)
  • Valve Quality Chrome Vanadium Wire (A232)
  • Carbon Valve Wire (A230)
  • T302 Stainless Steel Wire (A313)
  • Commercial Chrome Silicon Wire (A401)
  • Valve Quality Chrome Silicon Wire (A877)
  • Other
AWP Spring Materials

Our Process

The AWP manufacturing process has been continually refined to become the lean and results-focused process it is today.


Prototypes: All prototypes are made on production equipment using production processes. So you are certain the samples will match future production quantities.

Depending on requirements and your needs, prototypes can be produced and shipped the same day. Visit our Request a Quote page and tell us what you need. 


Presetting: Whether your spring requires one or more compressions to SH or a fixed height, our pneumatic and automated mechanical presses can handle to load. Our tooling library from common components can handle any combination of spring diameter and length to compress your spring straight.


Coiling: State-of-the-art CNC dual point coilers with video free length monitoring systems produce compressions springs and spring rings to meet exacting part requirements.

Spring Grinding

Grinding: Spring end grinding is a vital step in meeting customers' stringent part requirements. As the technical experts in spring end grinding, CNC and mechanical grinders use the latest process controls and abrasive technology for both crush and downfeed grinding.



Other Services: Controlled shot peening, plating, color coding, and others are provided by AWP or our qualified outside providers.

AWP continually challenges the limits of coiling, grinding, and measurement technology to reduce variation.

AWP continually challenges the limits of coiling, grinding, and measurement technology to reduce variation.


Quality is not a department at AWP but an embedded part of every process and an integral part of our lives. World-class quality begins with the commitment of AWP's ownership and management to the development and management of the Quality Management System. Our Quality Management System has been assessed and approved to ISO 9001 :2015.

From there, every spring we make, and every customer interaction is an opportunity for us to "walk the talk."


Advanced Quality Planning: PFMEA and Process Flow & Control documents are prepared with data initiated in the design manufacturability review.


Spring Materials: A material certification accompanies every coil of wire purchased by AWP. This ensures lot traceability back to the drawing mill and further back to the rod mill.


Dimensional Testing: AWP measures all physical characteristics of springs using standard dimensional gages, including micrometers, calipers, and optical comparators.


Spring Force Testing: AWP utilizes computerized force tester's technology to measure loads on all springs produced.


Visual Inspection: Beyond part requirements, our comprehensive Workmanship Standards apply to all visual characteristics of the springs we produce. Video microscopes are used to assist in the visual inspection process.


SPC: Spring forces and all customer designated critical characteristics are monitored and controlled during production using by SPC standards.


PPAP: AWP provides AIAG or customer-specific PPAP documents upon request.

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