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Coiling - Vlog 3

Simplex Rapid CNC Coilers


As Automated Wire Products, Incorporated developed a corporate strategy to focus our manufacturing expertise exclusively on the production of ground compression springs for the fluid power industry, it was critical for us to identify the finest spring coiling technology available in the industry. We identified Simplex-Rapid as our strategic partner. The Simplex Rapid Dual-Point CNC coilers represent the cornerstone of our defect-free manufacturing strategy.

In the subsequent years, AWP has invested over $2,500,000 in 6 Rapid Simplex coiling cells, providing us the ability to produce ground compression springs for the fluid power industry in wire diameters ranging from .008 to .200 inches.

The Simplex Rapid coilers are equipped with high-speed digital cameras that allows AWP to establish very tight tolerances on the free length of the compression spring being produced and sort the parts (with attached in-line sorting chutes) as they are coiled. The parts that are coiled outside of the established parameters are immediately removed from the production flow by the in-line sorting chutes and scrapped.

The Simplex Rapid CNC coilers also provide tremendous production flexibility. While they are certainly capable of producing high volumes of ground compression springs, the CNC technology allows AWP to “get-in and get-out” quickly and produce prototype and short-run volumes on a cost-effective basis.