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From accuracy to speed, Automated Wire Products’ cutting-edge prototype capabilities are unmatched. Before a part is released from prototyping for production, AWP will conduct a full review of the design in collaboration with our customers’ engineers. The part will not be released for prototyping or production without 100% Design Concurrence between AWP and our customers regarding part design requirements.

Our talented team is committed to providing upfront design assistance for your precise compression springs, ensuring you receive the guidance and support needed throughout the development process.

And once your design is perfected, we won’t leave you waiting. Our streamlined process allows us to deliver high-quality prototypes in 10 days or less. Depending on your requirements, we can even expedite production and shipping, enabling same-day delivery for select prototypes.

AWP is not only executing a part-design qualification process; but also a production qualification process. Your prototype parts are produced using the exact wire, CNC production equipment and grinding fixtures that will be used to support your production requirements.

You can be assured that the prototypes you receive from AWP will precisely represent the parts you will receive in production.

Experience the power of our unmatched prototype capabilities and discover the precision and efficiency we bring to every project. Visit our Request a Quote page today and let us know your specific needs!

Ground Compression Springs
Are All We Do

No matter what you’re after, we currently have over 300 different materials in our portfolio to suit your needs.
We coil .008” to .200” diameter round wire purchased to the latest appropriate ASTM specifications.