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Design Review

Every design submitted gets a complete design review before the part is quoted, sampled, or released for production. We will make sure we have 100% conformance with our customers’ requirements for the application.


We’ve continually refined our manufacturing process to become the lean and results-focused machine it is today.


Our prototypes are made on production equipment using production processes, ensuring your samples match future production quantities. Depending on your needs and requirements, some prototypes can even be produced and shipped on the same day.


Our pneumatic and automated mechanical presses can handle the load if your spring requires one or more compressions to a solid or fixed height, and our tooling library contains common components that can handle any spring diameter and length combination to compress your spring straight.


We closely monitor the length of the springs with state-of-the-art CNC dual point coilers equipped with video monitoring systems, ensuring your precise compression springs and spring rings are produced to your exact specifications.


As the technical experts in spring end grinding, we use CNC and mechanical grinders equipped with the latest process controls and abrasive technology for crush and down feed grinding to perform this vital process.


With added capabilities offered in-house or by our qualified outside providers, including shot-peened springs, plating, color coding, and more, Automated Wire Products is dedicated to fulfilling all your requirements. When you need dependable high-precision springs and spring rings, you can depend on us.

Ground Compression Springs
Are All We Do

No matter what you’re after, we currently have over 300 different materials in our portfolio to suit your needs. We coil .008” to .200” diameter round wire purchased to the latest appropriate ASTM specifications.