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Rapid Prototyping - Vlog 4

Rapid Prototyping


We understand that bringing new fluid power applications to market quickly is a source of important competitive advantage in the hydraulics industry. To support our customers’ requirements in this endeavor, Automated Wire Products, Incorporated has developed a very effective rapid prototyping strategy to support our customers when these opportunities present themselves.

A ground compression spring is an integral component in determining the functionality of a hydraulic valve. The springs that are produced in the prototype process must represent the parts that will be produced in the subsequent production process with 100% consistency. With that in mind, all AWP rapid prototype springs are produced in our Simplex-Rapid CNC production coiling equipment, using exactly the same process that will be used in the full production of that component.

We are not only producing the prototype springs required by our customers to test their functionality in the application, we are validating our production process for the sustained manufacturability of that spring over the full life of the program.

In most circumstances, we can produce coiled and ground prototype springs in less than working 5 days. Springs requiring outside services (shot peening, plating, etc) will take a week or two longer.