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Sorting Chutes - Vlog 5

Sorting Chutes


The ability to grind compression springs with precision and consistency is absolutely necessary in the production of millions of ground compression springs per month. The process must start with compression springs that are consistently coiled to a free length within a specified tolerance band. You cannot “grind your way to happiness” in the world-class manufacturing of ground compression springs.

With that in mind, AWP has installed 3-Way and 5-Way sorting chutes on each of our six (6) Simplex Rapid CNC Coilers. These sorting chutes are electronically connected to the digital measurement camera on each coiler.

Each compression spring is instantaneously measured via digital camera before cut-off. The springs are immediately sorted by the chutes based upon the input received from the digital camera. The parts are sorted according to the free-length tolerance band established for the coiled spring, before stress-relieving and grinding. The compression springs that are coiled within the specified tolerance band fall directly through the sorting chute on to the in-line stress-relieving oven conveyor belt. The parts coiled outside the specified tolerance band (too long or too short) will be scrapped and recycled.