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Why Choose Automated Wire Products?

Discover the AWP Advantage

When it comes to manufacturing ground compression springs, Automated Wire Products (AWP) stands out as a leader in the industry. Since 1997, we’ve focused exclusively on producing ground compression springs, launching over 1,350 different types for fluid power manufacturing companies worldwide. With more than 500,000,000 hydraulic valves functioning globally using AWP springs, our products are critical in countless assemblies.

Unmatched Specialization and Focus

AWP’s unique specialization sets us apart from other spring manufacturers. We don’t produce extension springs, torsion springs, or wire forms. This exclusive focus on ground compression springs allows us to channel all our resources and expertise into perfecting our processes, ensuring that our customers receive world-class quality at competitive prices. Our customers benefit from not having to pay for the overhead of unrelated equipment, translating to cost savings and superior value.

Commitment to Excellence in the Hydraulic Industry

Over the past 27 years, every decision at AWP has been driven by our commitment to operational excellence in producing ground compression springs. Our investments in cutting-edge technology, talent, and systems have positioned us as an industry leader. Our customers in the hydraulic industry rely on us for consistent quality, 100% repeatability, and on-time delivery.

Operational Excellence and Advanced Technology

AWP’s ground compression springs are renowned for their quality and precision. Our operational excellence is a result of years of process refinement and the use of the finest CNC coiling and grinding equipment available. This ensures every spring we produce meets the highest quality and performance standards.

Ensuring 100% Repeatability and On-Time Delivery

We support our customers by consistently excelling across all facets of our relationship. Our rigorous process includes:


  • Design Review: Every part design undergoes a thorough review before generating a quotation.
  • Firm Quotation: We provide a firm quotation only after we have reached an agreement with the customer on all design specifications.
  • Prototypes: If requested, prototype parts are manufactured on the same CNC coilers and grinders that will be used for production, ensuring an accurate representation of the final product.
  • Validation: Once the prototype process validates the dimensional and physical characteristics, every subsequent production run uses identical equipment, process parameters, and quality metrics.
  • Experienced Team: Our team, with more than 200 combined years of experience, executes this plan flawlessly.


Comprehensive Quality System

AWP’s quality system is designed to ensure each part we produce is defect-free. Our operating systems, quality plans, and metrology equipment are focused exclusively on ground compression springs. Parts are measured at multiple steps in the production process to identify and address any non-conformances before they reach final inspection.

Upfront Design Assistance

Every spring produced by AWP undergoes a full design review process before we quote the part. This upfront assistance gives our customers confidence that their final design is manufacturable over the life of the part. The prototyping process further validates this by providing production-caliber parts using production equipment and processes.

Investment in Automation for Customer Satisfaction

AWP has invested millions in the best CNC coiling, CNC grinding, and automated pre-setting equipment available. These investments allow us to achieve operating efficiencies that deliver world-class, zero-defect production at globally competitive prices. Our customers benefit from these advancements through improved product quality and satisfaction.

Streamlined Prototyping Process

AWP has developed a lean and efficient prototype process to support our customers’ product launch objectives. We can execute a design review immediately upon receiving a new part design, provide necessary feedback, and produce production-caliber prototypes quickly – often in a matter of hours if needed.

Cost-Effectiveness Without Compromising Quality

At AWP, every decision is geared towards achieving operational excellence. There is no waste in our operations. This efficiency ensures that our customers receive top-quality springs at competitive prices, making us a cost-effective choice without compromising on quality.


Choosing AWP means partnering with a company that excels in producing ground compression springs with unmatched precision and quality. Our dedication to innovation, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction makes us the trusted choice in the industry. Contact us today to experience the AWP difference and elevate your projects with our superior springs.