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Our high-quality round wire compression springs are produced in a multitude of essential shape designs, including helical, conical, barrel, and hourglass. Whether you need small compression springs or something more sizeable, we have what you’re looking for. Our compression springs can be preset one or more times and feature:

  • Unlimited wire feed coiling of spring indexes from 3 to 20+
  • Grind length .200” to 6”
  • Squareness ±1° or greater
  • Ground-free length +/- .002 or greater
  • Spring forces of up to 500 lbs.

Our spring rings are produced to specified diameter and gap with standard cut ends.


Need Stainless Steel
Compression Springs?

How about phospher bronze or beryllium copper? No matter what you’re after, we offer a wide variety of materials to suit your needs. We coil .008” to .200” diameter round wire purchased to the latest appropriate ASTM specifications. View all Materials used.

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Proven Success

  • Provided design assistance and samples to validate the elimination of ground ends and zinc plating on a high-volume spring. The approved change resulted in significant cost savings for the customer.
  • Collaborated with a design firm and customer’s engineer to create three unique spring designs for an innovative pump design. We continue to provide production quantities after successfully meeting prototype and PPAP requirements.
  • Verified a customer’s spring design and produced parts the same day after another supplier expressed uncertainty of manufacturability.
  • Recommended a method to clarify tolerances on a series of springs. Today this method of tolerance is used on over a dozen similar production parts.
  • Established an innovative spring end configuration that greatly improved the customer’s assembly process and the functionality of the spring.
  • Developed a relationship with a new customer by assisting in cross-referencing foreign material and spring specifications to produce springs domestically instead of overseas.

Our Process

The AWP manufacturing process has been continually refined to become the lean and <br>results-focused process it is today.

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All prototypes are made on production equipment using production processes. So you are certain the samples will match future production quantities.

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Whether your spring requires one or more compressions to SH or a fixed height, our pneumatic and automated mechanical presses can handle to load.

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State-of-the-art CNC dual point coilers with video free length monitoring systems produce compressions springs and spring rings to meet exacting part requirements.

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As the technical experts in spring end grinding, CNC and mechanical grinders use the latest process controls and abrasive technology for both crush and downfeed grinding.

About Automated Wire Products

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Industries Served

With more than 25 years of experience producing ground and unground compression coil springs and spring rings for the hydraulic industry, Automated Wire Products is well-versed in the strict requirements and tight tolerances the industry requires. Our high-quality parts are used in various applications across diverse markets where hydraulics play a crucial role.



At Automated Wire Products, we prioritize the well-being of our greatest asset – our people. From a four-day workweek to a fully funded healthcare plan, we strive to provide a work-life balance that supports employees’ success. Our team has an average tenure of 12 years; this longevity is a true testament to our commitment to fostering a positive and fulfilling work environment.

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AWP is a contract manufacturer, offering products made to customers’ designs. While customers bear all the responsibility for designs and design modifications, our engineers are ready to assist. Using the SMI Advanced Spring Design software, we review the spring design to assess manufacturability and the appropriateness of tolerances to optimize your spring design. Every day we talk with design and manufacturing engineers about ways to improve functionality and assembly of their springs. Contact us with your design challenges.


Quality Assurance